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With paceUP! employees gain access to a user-friendly fitness app. Our unique points system inspires users to get physically active and have fun in the process.

Step 1

Provide us with your preferred start- and end dates, and the number of groups that will participate in the challenge.

Step 2

Your account will be activated and the challenge created once you pay. We’ll contact you shortly with payment information.

Step 3

You’re ready for action! Select an activity you enjoy and get moving.


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What our customer have to say


”paceUP! provided a fun challenge in an enjoyable format. Everything worked really well!”

Stefan Carlsson
Communication and Marketing Manager


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"Super fun and something that really engaged our co-workers"

Sofie Dräckes
Engagement Manager


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"We are really happy with how paceUP! activated our employees while generating good discussions and energy throughout our company."

Johanna Rasmusson
Marketing Coordinator


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Common Questions

How much does it cost to use paceUP!?

  • 1 group with up to 50 participants = 3,950 SEK for a 30-day challenge
  • 1-10 groups with up to 100 participants = 19,950 SEK for a 30-day challenge
  • 10+ groups with 100 participants = 20,000 SEK + 39 SEK per user for a 30-day challenge

Do I pay for each employee or just those who use the app?Betalar jag för alla anställda eller bara de som faktiskt använder appen?

Our base package is a fixed fee and covers up to 100 participants and up to 10 groups. If you exceed 100 participants or 10 groups we charge 20,000 SEK and 39/SEK per user. At that point, we’ll only charge you for users who actually register and participate in your company challenge. A user is defined as someone who downloads the app, creates an account, and joins your challenge. 

How quickly can we start our challenge? 

The challenge can start as soon as 24 hours after we receive your order. However, be sure there is enough time to properly communicate your challenge with participants before kick-off. We find that more employees feel inspired to participate when you communicate and anchor the challenge up to a week before the start.